The market is flooded with a variety of vacuum cleaners each with different features. A lot of people do not take time to research and buy vacuum cleaners; they just buy the first one they come across. As already said, there are many vacuum cleaners in the market, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. To buy the best vacuum cleaner, you have to, first of all, learn about the different types available in the market. This article will give a brief introduction about different vacuum cleaners in the market. Read on

Types of vacuum cleaners

Upright vacuums

Companies that sell upright vacuum cleaners offers same accessories and give the same benefits. Normally, upright vacuum cleaners come with a motor, bag, a hose, and beater. This type has wheels which offer ease movement to different parts of the house. The vacuum cleaner can clean both carpeted and wooden floors effectively. It can however not work effectively with the stairwells and the closets.

Bagless vacuums

vacuum cleaner, cleaningThe advantage of using a bagless vacuum cleaner is that you can see items that have been picked and you are less likely to forget emptying the collection cup. Immediately the dirt fills; you will have to empty it. If not emptying, some vacuum cleaners will need you to replace their filters from time to time. Emptying the cup can be a messy process. On the other hand, you will at times find items which should not have been emptied because the cup is open and you can see whatever is inside.

Canister vacuums

These type of vacuum cleaners are made of a long hose and canister. The canister contains a bag and motor. They work well with curtains, steps, hardwood floors and vertical surfaces. If you have a wooden floor, this is the best type of vacuum for you. It works best in picking dirt from such surfaces. Some types of canister vacuum cleaners deposit their dirt in a container rather than a bag. Some of these bagless vacuums contain a HEPA filter which collects pollen, removes all dirt particles, dander, and dust from the air. It makes a good choice for homes with people suffering from allergies.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

carpet cleaner, vacuum cleanerThis type of vacuum is effective for a small mess. Different types of this type of vacuum cleaners have the same features. The above are different types of vacuum cleaners. As it is always said, knowledge is power. You will never make the wrong decision if you have the right information about the product you want to purchase.

Selecting the best type of Vacuum cleaners