Kitchen fittings can easily change the personality of the whole kitchen setting, the room apart aesthetically. Functionally, they could make preparing meals very entertaining and easy. Every homeowner is different, but the question is, do you want to have your unique style or simply choose from the options provided by manufacturers? The kitchen fitters in Dorset will help you adopt your own style. Despite the fact that there are numerous options available to pick from, a custom build kitchen will be an incredible choice in defining your kitchen.

The benefits of customized kitchen fittings

Long Lastingsadssadadsad

Custom cabinets are usually designed and made by skilled and master craftsmen by hand and not on assembly lines. These cabinet makers are very proud of what they do because they use high-quality materials that result in a work of art. Custom cabinets will be a quality investment that will last you a long time.

Differences between custom made and stock construction

  • The components of custom are plywood while those of stock are particle boards.
  • The joints of custom are Dovetail, Dowel or mortise-and-tenon while those of stock are glued, nailed or screwed.
  • The corner braces of custom are usually wood glue blocks while those of stock are stapled plastic corners.
  • The drawer slides of custom are hidden under-mount while those of stock are side slide brackets.

Personal selection

Even though stock cabinets include numerous combinations, you will still be limited by product availability. A customized kitchen will allow you a personal selection of style, wood, finish as well as hardware that will address all your needs and goals. Most of the time, stock cabinets come with non-matching materials or kitchen finishes.

Built to fit

If you have a unique kitchen layout or even an unconventional floor plan, customized fittings will be the best choice. Stock cabinets are usually designed for stock kitchen sizes, and if you have leftover spaces, they will need to be filled. On the other hand, customized cabinets will fit your kitchen exactly the way they should, and you can take advantage of all the space you need. Customized fittings will give you a fitted kitchen look.

Local sourcingsdadasdsadas

If you would like a specific type of wood then with custom cabinetry you can easily choose the one you want. You can even source that wood locally. So why use kitchen custom fittings? Now you know. To get the best fitting, it is advisable you first get a designer to guide you through different options then get a skilled custom cabinet expert to build it for you.

Custom Kitchen Fittings- The Ultimate Solution for Your Kitchen